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10th International Practical Conference "THE WHITE NIGHTS OF FUNDRAISING"
10th International Practical Conference "THE WHITE NIGHTS OF FUNDRAISING"

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10th International Practical Conference


Raising Funds for the Development of People, Organizations, Territories

May 22-25, 2017

St. Petersburg, Russia

Working languages: Russian, English

Program of conference


Strictly speaking, social entrepreneurship is not fundraising, but we could not ignore this important topic. You will personally meet social entrepreneurs from Russia and other countries and get to know about their projects. If you are thinking about starting a social enterprise you will be able to analyze whether it is worth doing and if so, make a sketch action plan. Also you will learn about social investment and sharing economy: what they are about, how they are developed in Russia and worldwide, how to use them in your work.


This day you can train yourself. After all, success in fundraising depends a lot on your personal resource state: fundraiser works not only with the use of technologies, but also by her/his own personality. Psychologists and experienced fundraisers will help you to understand how much burn out you have now and set an individual plan for balancing yourself/a burnout prevention system (if relevant for you). Relax master classes (photo, music, yoga, boxing, etc.) and personal skills trainings (negotiations, presentations, personal brand development) will help to "get out of the box" and improve your competitiveness in the fundraising market.

The same day there will be closed expert-level meetings and partner sessions.


You will find a series of express trainings and workshops on working with private donations (including crowdfunding), corporate donors, grant competitions. If you have already mastered some aspects and are seeking for details, you’ll get individual expert advice at workshops and consultations. In case you want to get overall understanding – training sessions run by successful Russian practitioners will be the best option.


Is there a community of fundraisers in Russia and worldwide, to what extent you are a part of it? How is fundraising developing in the world, what trends will be relevant for the nearest future? Will we continue to use donation boxes in a year and how to fundraise using bitcoins? This day will bring fundraisers, donors and fundraising market providers together. You will get a general picture of trends in the field, will be able to debate important issues (like ethics and administrative costs), network and set partnerships with your colleagues.

You are welcome!

This year the conference will be held in St. Petersburg, white nights and one of the most beautiful cities of the world are waiting for you.

Early bird registrationdiscount up to 20% until April 20!


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Event details

What’s the conference about and why should you go there?

Good fundraisers are in great demand worldwide now. How to become such a specialist or to grow her/him in your team? How to hire and manage fundraisers, what results to pay for? We will discuss it at the conference.

We know numerous fundraising techniques, both online and offline. It is easy to set each of them, but how to gain efficiency, how to combine different tools, what to choose for your organization? We are also in search for an answer, so let's reflect together, share best and worst practices.

Social entrepreneurship, alternative economic models are actively developing around the globe. How useful are they for your organization? Is there anything worth trying and in what way? The conference will help you to figure it out and find your solution.

Time has come to work with burnout. We all remember this word, but at the same time many of us continue to burn out and lose our exhausted employees. This year we suggest an anti-stress day for those who want to be successfully involved in fundraising for more than a year J and at the same time feel well, be in good contact with yourself, your family and job – have a good work-life balance for many years.

Why to pay this registration fee if there are plenty free fundraising resources

Years ago there were few materials and even less training on fundraising available. Now there is the opposite problem: too many books, articles, courses, conferences - it is unclear which to choose, how to spend time and effort in order to get an obvious benefit.

"The White nights of fundraising" is the only regular fundraising conference in Russia. This year it will be held for the tenth time. And this is the biggest communication and knowledge exchange platform - every year about 300 fundraisers, donors and funders, providers meet here. Most of them are from Russia, international experience is also at place. This is an excellent platform for networking and immersing into fundraising sphere. Because the conference is large and the program provides up to 6 parallel session flows, almost every participant finds relevant sections in the program.

Our team has been organizing conferences and doing NGO capacity building online and offline for 23 years; nevertheless, we never stop our search: each program is based on needs assessment and intense dialogue with a community of fundraisers – that is why there are new faces and new topics at the conference every year. As soon as a new tool or platform, a successful action or a new bright expert become visible, we invite them into the program. Everything will be well organized: professionally and relaxed at the same time. Hot topics, proven and new experts will be there.

The conference is fully practical: all experts of “White Nights” are successful practitioners (or donors and providers) who are willing to share the details. Every year some experts are changing, only the most successful of them, according to the feedback of participants and our estimates, stay. We work with each of 50 experts in advance to ensure that we have well prepared sessions: understandable and applicable. That means those who will speak at the conference are really successful people, many of them are also experienced speakers and trainers. You will find out what currently works and does not work in Russia and worldwide right now (in cities and towns, for experienced organizations and beginners). You will be able to apply information and links from the conference in work.

The conference is a social-entrepreneurial project: it has already been financing itself for 10 years. When it is possible to make a profit, it is spent for free seminars and online courses for Russian beginner non-profit associations. Basically, this is a project of a community of fundraisers for the community itself, non-dependent of any particular donor. We tried to make "The White nights of fundraising" as affordable as possible through a flexible system of discounts, as well as through the support of partners and sponsors.

Contact us:

Anna Gavrilova

Participants communication manager

Phone: +7 (812) 718 3794

Cell: +7-950-000 7575

E-mail: fr@crno.ru

22 — 25 May 2017
Monday — Thursday
Russia, Saint Petersburg
Batayskiy pereulok 3

Event host

Briefly about discounts:

Choose 1-4 any days for participation. The more days you choose – the cheaper each day ticket is.

• 5% - for two or more participants from the same organization

• 10% - for members of partner organizations

• 20% - for the participants who have attended this conference 2 or more times

• 9 + 1 - for a group of 9 people the tenth ticket is for free. Free ticket price can not exceed the average of nine paid tickets. For example, nine tickets are purchased for two days of the conference, so the tenth one is also provided for two days.

Some discounts are cumulative, others are not. To make you best choice at lowest price please contact Anna Gavrilova – participant communication manager.

Contact us:

Anna Gavrilova

Participants communication manager

Phone: +7 (812) 718 3794

Cell: +7-950-000 7575

E-mail: fr@crno.ru